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1756TheStorm23:40 30 Nov 10<glk> What cheese is made backwards?
< sir_lewk> I sense a pun, but I don't know :P
<glk> Edam cheese
1716chronomex04:06 26 Jun 10<glk> I have 2 ti-89t for stereo math
1671netham4502:04 12 Jan 10<glk> I defend the ti-89t against all enemies
<glk> I will brick all your calcs by esp
1648Sir_Lewk23:22 19 Nov 09<+glk> Ban calculators as weapons of math instruction.
1635netham4500:20 6 Sep 09<glk> My other computer is a Turing punch tape machine
1591chronomex00:40 23 Mar 09<sir_lewk> 4 is an integer, it has no intristic random/nonrandom value ;)
<glk> 4 keeps 3 and 5 seperate and thus has great value
1533chronomex00:26 9 Feb 09<glk> I am old and very wise.
<_Digital> and get confused for a bot sometimes
1511netham4523:10 29 Jan 09<BrandonW> glk is a robot, if you hadn't noticed.
<glk> Tin men have rights too
1436Ox4009:35 15 Nov 08<tifreak> Of course, I am not as old as glk, he probably still has is pterodactyl flying license somewhere...
1253chronomex21:18 10 Apr 08<glk1> I am waiting for the wide screen iPhone
1233Sir_Lewk23:38 24 Mar 08<glk> I have faith it is. Prove it is not
1088chronomex23:49 22 Oct 07* patz2009 pokes glk
<glk> Shields UP
1050patz200900:20 20 Sep 07<BrandonW> I left my 89 at work.
<glk> My url has vast 89 data in MATH http://grahamkendall.net/
<BrandonW> lol
<BrandonW> I knew it!
1032patz200921:28 12 Sep 07[patz2009] Where's glk when you need him?
<][> just say the magic word and he will appear
<Netham45> ti-89
*** glk (4c08d932@ has joined #tcpa
1022DSP_Lord03:50 4 Sep 07* glk has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
<PatrickD> oh no, glk just disappeared!
<PatrickD> I wanted to ask a TI-89 MATH question!
1001DSP_Lord00:59 26 Aug 07<patz2009> I wish my 89 was more like my 84+
<patz2009> then I could have sex with it twice
<DSP_Lord> glk will kill you while you sleep now
944DSP_Lord02:49 17 Jul 07<glk> I studied all night to pass my Turing test
<DSP_Lord> heh
<BrandonW> When did you do this?
<glk> Feb 30 |<DSP_Lord> that was a while ago
<BrandonW> I thought you were going to say something like 1947.
<DSP_Lord> XD
894Zeromus22:38 22 Feb 07Bosh: is this where i get help with my calculator?
Tari: you can, yes
Tari: one of several possible places
glk: Which calc?
BrandonW: Not the 89.
786DarkAuron19:47 14 Nov 06<glk> I use a TI-89T. Ask if you want my data on it
<Nikky> do you have data on how easy it is to open the case? <Nikky> when compared against a traditional TI-89 case?
<glk> no
<Nikky> I'd be much interested in such data
702KevinJB21:03 1 Oct 06<Captain_A> I regret that I have but one life to get kicked from #tcpa for yelling at glk [note: this was after glk randomly messaged Captain_A with a link to his website, then refused to explain why]
678Andy_J21:29 2 Sep 06< WaQaR> hey guys 89 does everything in maths?
<+BrandonW> Yes, it does.
<+BrandonW> And glk, quiet. You can't help this one.
(you had to be there...)
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