Automatic probing of cables


TIEXPORT1 int TICALL ticables_probing_do(int ***result, int timeout, ProbingMethod method)

Returns cables which have been detected. All cables should be closed before ! The array is like a matrix which contains 5 columns (PORT_0 to PORT_4) and 7 lines (CABLE_GRY to CABLE_USB). The array must be freed by #ticables_probing_finish when no longer used.

result :
address of an array of integers to put the result.
timeout :
timeout to set during probing
method :
defines which link cables you want to search for.
Return value :
0 if successful, ERR_NO_CABLE if no cables found.


TIEXPORT1 int TICALL ticables_probing_finish(int ***result)

Free the array created by #ticables_probing_do.

result :
address of an array of integers.
Return value :
always 0.


TIEXPORT1 int TICALL ticables_is_usb_enabled(void)

Checks whether USB support is available. Can be called at any time.

Return value :
!0 if available, 0 otherwise.


TIEXPORT1 int TICALL ticables_get_usb_devices(int **list, int *len)

Returns the list of detected USB PIDs. Note that list is in the same order as PORT#x. The array must be freed when no longer used.

array :
address of a NULL-terminated allocated array of integers (PIDs).
length :
number of detected USB devices.
Return value :
0 if successful, an error code otherwise.

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