Update 8/2/2011: The Arch Linux PPC is dead which means so is this project. If you still wish to hack at this I still hang out in the #archlinuxppc channel on freenode as well as #gc-linux on oftc but really a Debian base is just the better way to go with the more stable PPC support, as dated as the packages are.

Archii is my custom Wii linux rootfs’s and kernels based off of the work of the GameCube Linux Team and Archlinux PPC.

You can build your own rootfs’s using the Arch Wiki’s Wii Tutorial which I sadly haven’t had time to update.

I also have prebuilt rootfs’s and kernels as well as a few other related files uploaded to /archii/.

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  1. I love you man. The archii tutorial on archwiki was so old and now I find a prebuilt rootfs. Thank you so much. Please consider updating the ArchWiki tutorial though.

    • The wiki is old yes, and I only helped write it I wasn’t the main author and I really don’t have the time to go update it properly. If you have questions or are willing to update it yourself I can be found on IRC in #archlinuxppc on Freenode, #wiilinux on Efnet or #gc-linux on oftc.

  2. Hi there!

    Thank you so much for all your work on this. I have been following the instructions in the wiki and am up to the point where I install the userland using the pacman.conf on the wiki page but when I try to execute the pacman command it complains that doesn’t exist (I’ve checked and it doesn’t). I tried adding$repo to the list of servers under [[archii] in the pacman.conf but this doesn’t work either. Do you have any ideas how I can get this working?

    Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I am a FreeBSD man and all this pacman stuff is new to me! Any help would be appreciated. :)

    • That repo is no longer in existence but nor is it needed. the video driver is now it the Arch PPC official repos as well as the wifi firmware, the two main things I had in it.

  3. Hi Jonimouse,

    Many thanks for your reply. I decided to do the installation on a tiny 4GB USB hard drive as I was worried about rewrites on an SD card and the drive was lying around. It seemed okay and I edited the /etc/fstab on the USB drive to tell it that /dev/sdc1 is root rather than /dev/mmcblk0p2. As you can see from the attached picture (I put a link to it under Website), the kernel still looks for /dev/mmcblk0p2. Do you know if there is any way of giving it a boot option to get it to look at the USB drive?

    Thanks again. :)

  4. Hello, my Wii is running your prebuilt rootfs.
    Could you tell me please the preconfigured root password?
    I have no chance to chroot into it because i have no ppc linux.
    Thanks alot.

    • I belive the password is arch, there should also be a user ‘archie’ with the same pass of arch, if I recall correctly.

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