Casio Prizm GCC SDK v0.3

So after a long overdue major overhaul of the makefiles and some additions to libfxcg I am ready to release PrizmSDK v0.3. The biggest improvement is to the makefiles and build system and it puts me one step closer to a much cleaner setup. Most of the changes are based on the makefiles used by DevkitPro and I plan to move to an installer based system similar to theirs in the future as well.

The most obvious changes visible to the user is the new project directory layout. It is now much cleaner and uses a convenient project layout with specific folders for source files and temp object and such. All the configuration is still in the Makefile in the project directory, which has been cleaned up and commented. All of the dirty work was moved to a separate Makefile in the common folder of the SDK and the project directory shall now house only projects. The end goal is to allow the project directory to lie anyway and have environment variables for where the SDK lies. In the process I also made the makefiles much more cross platform safe though it might still need more tweaking to get just right.

I still wish to clean up the headers quite a bit more and move to just one header for all the syscalls and have that header include the extra headers with the core typedefs. There is no reason to have the headers split up as they are and I intend to clean that up with the next SDK update, if I don’t sneak it into this one. (if you notice filemodtimes change, this would be why)

The next big step will be to include an installer which can optionally grab msys instead of me having to include chunks of msys and cygwin for make and friends to function properly for people without them installed.

Please respond with any bugs or issues and I will address them as soon as possible. With how long it took me to do this release I’m sure I forgot something or made a typo somewhere and the only way I can fix it is if I know about it.

Download links:
xz: (11M)
gz: (42M)
zip: (44M)