ArchiveTeam Warrior on Hyper-V

I’ve gotten the ArchiveTeam Warrior working rather nicely on Windows 8 Professional’s built in Hyper-V Virtual machine. You can get it here or I’ve mirrored it on here

This was driven by the desire to not have to install VM software when Windows 8 Professional has a perfectly functional VM built right in as a first class citizen.

The basic changes between this and the stock Warrior VirtualBox image are that this has a newer kernel to support the faster Hyper-V networking card and the disk images were converted to vhd rather than vmdk. Its a shame Hyper-V can’t just import the ova file but I think I’ve made it just about as easy as it can get without the need to install VirtualBox.


  1. Extract the zip file downloaded above.
  2. First Open the Hyper-V manager and create a new Virtual Switch if you do not already have one setup.
    • Click on Virtual Switch Manager, Select External and then click Create Virtual Switch.
    • The defaults should be fine so just click OK.
  3. Import the Warrior Virtual Machine
    • In the Hyper-V Manager select Import Virtual Machine and click next.
    • Browse for the ArchiveTeam Warrior folder you extracted in step 1 and click next.
    • Select the ArchiveTeam Warrior and click next.
    • I recommend either the Restore or Copy option but any of the 3 options will work.
    • Continue Clicking Next until finished, If you named your Virtual Switch something other than “New Virtual Switch” it will prompt you for a Virtual Switch, Select the name you used for the switch. You should now be able to click finish.
  4. Start and connect to your Warrior VM to verify it is running properly.


  • The Boot splash screen glitch out, hit Alt + -> and then Alt + <-
  • The Warrior VM is not set to autostart, this can be changed in the management settings under Automatic Start Actions