Stuff and Things and Archii

F1rst P0st!!!1!!!!1!

Ok now that that is over with, I have officially installed wordpress on my site… now what. Oh yeah remember to use it.

On that note, I spent the night working on updating Archii but I have found a bit of an issue with a few things. One of which is that the latest udev does not seem to like linux 2.6.32.y on PPC. Right now it “works” but it spews errors to the console until minilogd OOM’s. I’m not sure what my options are here since the Archlinux PPC repo’s are going to continue to update no matter what and so I’ll either have to find a way to rebase the Wii patches or tell everyone to hold on to the older udev package. The issue being that newer initscripts will rely on a newer udev so that would only be a temporary solution. I know the zen kernel had the Wii patches merged at one point so it may be possible to use that but then you run into the issue of it not being a stock kernel which is working against the Arch way. I can upload newer rootfs tars if anyone is interested but I would rather wait until I see if I can work this out.

In other kernel related news its seems the Farter, author of GeeXboX for Wii, has made some patches to the gcnfb driver to make the gpu do the color space conversion. This is a big deal and will hopefully mean a speed boost at the cost of some ram. It would also mean that you can use the stock fbdev Xorg driver in place of xf86-video-cube. You can find more info at his blog Farter’s Mess.